What is a Pixi?

Pixis can come in all shapes and sizes.

A 'Pixi' is your very own pocket-worker cleverly disguised as a mobile application. Taking the pain out of planning and putting the ease into breeze, each of our specially designed Pixis works behind the scenes to provide you with simple solutions to everyday life.

Made With Magic

Everybody knows that a magician never reveals a secret… we want to change that. We believe in sharing magic with everybody – it shouldn't just be for magicians. That's why our expert developers work hard to put 'magic' into the pockets of thousands.

We want you to be able to tackle everyday situations with confidence and ease, letting the magic we put in your machine work quickly and quietly in the background.

Our Pixis compute data. They crunch numbers. They present results in ways you understand. And with a Pixi in your pocket, you might even start enjoying the tasks you used to hate…

Free Upgrade for ALL Users of the Staff App

Great news! PocketPixi has now merged with People – the ambitious HR software experts. For existing users of our Staff app, this means you’ll be given a free upgrade to People’s complete HR admin system.

Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to manage your employee database on your mobile device, because People’s HR system works on ANY device – but now you’ll have access to hundreds of sophisticated new HR features, such as:

  • Absence Tracking & Holiday Planning
  • HR challenges to help you make a difference in your company
  • Incredible reports about your workforce
  • Upload and edit company files and documents
  • So much more