Ever felt like you've got so much on that being late is unavoidable? Pocket Pixi brings a refreshing new level of structure to your day in a way that other task lists and planners simply can't.

Introducing Late – perfect planning at the touch of a button.

Just tell it everything you need to do, then enter your target time and watch it get to work. Late will file each task into its own timeslot and then present you with a check-list you can refer to wherever you are.

How long until your train leaves?

What time is your next meeting?

Are you going to miss dinner with the in-laws?

With Late, you no longer have to worry about keeping the answers to these questions in your head, because they're all sat safely in your pocket in a neatly organised and easy to check to-do list. No pens, no paper… just a touch of magic in your pocket and an easy way of making sure you're never late again.

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Features list

  • Easy input: Update your daily schedule with the touch of a button
  • Fast access: Check what needs to be done and when, wherever you are
  • Simple display: View your to-do list with clean, crisp graphics


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