When adding a new event why does the time default to 9.00?
It's just a time we've picked, you can easily change it by clicking on the time ICON or the time itself

Does it matter which order I add the tasks under an event?
No, because you can re-order them. However when you think about being on time start with the first thing you need to do, and then move onto the next and the next...

When adding a new task under the event there is no time, how do I set it?
Tasks have a duration, just click on the time ICON (or around it) and you can set the duration

Why can't I add a specific time to a task?
You set a specific time for the event. Then you add all the tasks you need to do and how long each task will take. The app automatically works out when you should start and end each task, this keeps you on track

What happens if I add a new task?
If you add a new task and set the duration then the app will automatically work backwards adjusting the start times of all the tasks before it

What happens if I re-order a task?
If you re-order a task then the app will automatically re-adjust the start and end-times of the tasks

When should I change the duration of a task and when should I use the +5 or -5 buttons?
I would advise that once you have started working through the events to use the +5 or -5 buttons to adjust the duration of a task otherwise the app will re-calculate all of the times, for example if you were to make your journey 10 minutes longer by adjusting the duration then all the tasks before it would re-calculate the start and end time - and you probably don't want that!